Eyebrow Tinting-Waxing Services

At CK Skin Spa we have a passion for all things brows!  We have so many options to give you the eyebrows you have always wanted, from expert shaping, tweezing, waxing, tinting, microblading or ombre and powder.  We love brows and want you to LOVE your brows too!  Eyebrows shape and define our face they also show many expressions, thats why they are so important.  We are here to give you those perfect brows!

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Get Perfect Eyebrows at CK Skin Spa!
Get Perfect Eyebrows at CK Skin Spa!

Eyebrow Tinting

Signature Eyebrow Design $20

Our signature brow design includes expertly shaping your brows with waxing and/or tweezing to make them look their absolute BEST.  Whether you are trying to grow them in or want a new fabulous shape we are here to create the brows you always wanted!

Deluxe Eyebrow Design $30

We will expertly and meticulously shape your brows with waxing and/or tweezing and complete the brow look with our perfectly matched brow product!  You will leave with your brows on point!  Matching brow products used are available for purchase.

Eyebrow Design with Tinting $35

Our signature brow design with our traditional brow tint to fill in sparse brows, cover grey's or deepen color and create brows you never knew you had!  Whether you want subtle or bold we have many options for your brows!

Henna Eyebrow Tinting $45

Eyebrow Henna is a natural eyebrow tinting product to deliver long lasting color without toxins and chemicals.  Brows will be meticulously shaped, waxed and trimmed.  Your eyebrows will have deep bold color lasting for weeks!

Not sure what to book? 

Choose any brow service and we will help you decide when you come in!